My name is Laura Gilchrist

An experienced independent mediator, facilitator and trainer, based in Manchester. I’m a conflict specialist.

I support businesses, organisations and individuals to resolve conflicts and disputes.
I can help if you’re:


An individual

Feeling stuck and stressed in a workplace relationship


Part of a team

In an organisation going through change or challenging times



By an issue and tensions are running high



In a long-term conflict that’s gone on for too long


Looking for training

To improve communication skills and increase employee productivity

My priority is to support individuals and teams through challenging situations and reach a resolution that’s agreeable to all parties.

I can equip you with skills to feel confident and prepared for handling tense situations.



A trainer and consultant, I develop and deliver mediation and communication skills training courses to a range of organisations, including school peer mediation schemes and in-house mediation schemes for large organisations.

Training themes include:


Disagreements can be opportunities for change, growth and breakthrough. I provide mediation to a range of organisations and individuals including:

  • Workplaces
  • Executive boards
  • Community organisations
  • Churches and religious organisations
  • Couples and families in crisis


As an independent facilitator I create environments where everyone is heard and key concerns are addressed. In times of crisis and change I facilitate conversations to enhance performance and preserve relationships between:

  • Workplaces
  • Executive boards
  • Community organisations
  • Churches and religious organisations


Onsite training that builds emotional intelligence and boosts self-esteem amongst primary school children. I help schools to create a nurturing learning environment and tackle any pastoral care or behavioural issues.

My qualifications and experience

Bridge Builders

Trained by Bridge Builders

Commercial Mediation

Qualified Workplace and Commercial Mediator

Masters Degree

Masters degree with distinction in Conflict Resolution

Sierra Leone

Studied post-war reconciliation in Sierra Leone

Caux Conference, 2009

Ran conflict transformation workshops at the Caux Conference on Reconciliation, Peace and Sustainability, 2009

18 Years Experience

Qualified and highly experienced trainer of adults for 18 years

MMU Lectures

Lectured at University level for MMU

C of E General Synod, 2016

Facilitated shared conversations at the Church of England General Synod, 2016

My Story


My first experience of conflict in the workplace was with my own manager. A lack of clarity around my role and responsibilities led to tensions between us. I was frustrated, stressed and unhappy. So I decided to investigate mediation.

I attended training on bridge building at the London Mennonite Centre and realised that conflicts can be an opportunity for change. Over five years, I developed my skills in conflict resolution and mediation through attending further courses and volunteering in schools and as a community mediator in neighbourhood disputes.

In 2009, I qualified in commercial mediation and gained a Masters in Conflict Resolution from the University of Bradford. As part of my studies, I visited Sierra Leone to research reconciliation processes and was fortunate to have the chance to meet people working at all levels from government to grassroots community initiatives.


My career in mediation, facilitation and training spans public and private sector organisations across education, business, voluntary groups, religious organisations, communities and neighbourhoods. I held various training and mediation roles prior to starting Peacebuilders in 2009. The business was founded through a desire to enable people to work better together. I provide independent mediation, facilitation and training services, including training and supervision for fellow mediators.

I am an associate trainer with Smile Mediation, based in Burnley, delivering training on a wide range of topics.

Outside of work, I’m a wife, daughter, sister and mother with two young children, so I’m used to managing mini conflicts on a daily basis. I have an allotment to tend, a lodger to look after, and I am also part of a spiritual community.

I love to see the transformations people go through when they work with me. Resolution is like seeing a physical weight being lifted from someone’s shoulders.