Facilitation for meetings, workshops and discussions

Let us sort it out - achieve positive results from important meetings

As an independent facilitator, I work with organisations and workplaces going through times of crisis and change. I create an environment where everyone is heard and key concerns are addressed. Using a facilitator for important meetings and discussions can improve performance and productivity, while preserving the relationships that are vital to your organisation’s success.

I create a space where people are heard and understood and their perspective is valued and valid. Participants leave my sessions knowing they’ve had an opportunity to express their perspective. I love the challenge of balancing competing needs and creating those ‘light bulb’ moments where true collaboration can happen.


Meeting and workshop facilitation

When faced with a challenging or pressurised situation, it can be difficult to remain calm, focused and allow each person in the group to have their say. By appointing me as an independent facilitator for your meeting or workshop you can focus on the issue at hand whilst I ensure the discussions are fair and productive.

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Team building facilitator

I provide independent facilitation at in house or offsite team building activities. If you’re looking for activities to build skills and confidence within your team, I can help develop a programme of activities. Please contact me for an initial discussion.


Who I work with

I work with boards, governing bodies, councils and trustees that are facing internal or external challenges or going through a period of change. I provide a calming influence when there are multiple voices and differing opinions in the room. I give every person equal opportunity and space to speak, promote quality conversation, and help you achieve results.

I also facilitate conversations for couples or families in crisis, allowing them to be open and honest with one another and with the aim of finding a mutually acceptable outcome.

Facilitation Case Study Example

St James and Emmanuel Church Strategic Planning ‘Away Day’

The remit was to plan and facilitate an away day that would enable all members of the Church Leadership team to be part of making plans for the Church’s five year ‘Mission Action Plan’.

I had several telephone conversations with the team vicar who was responsible for pulling together the day and met with the core leadership team to get a better idea of their aims and objectives.

Following this meeting, I designed a bespoke programme that included a range of activities, facilitation and planning tools and discussion strategies. The plan was discussed, tweaked and agreed.

On the day, there were twelve participants. I facilitated the conversation, guided the activities and took note of the key points and areas for future work. This information was e- mailed to the team to work with in the future. People commented that it was an extremely dynamic and productive day and that they came out with some important objectives based upon their core vision and values.

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