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I have sixteen years’ experience delivering accredited training courses. All my training courses are designed to meet the specific learning and development needs of each individual client. For course overviews, please follow the links below.

If you have specific training needs that are not listed below, I would be happy to talk these through with you.

Please contact me for an initial discussion.

Training themes include:

  • Active listening
  • Conflict awareness and resilience
  • Managing conflict effectively
  • Increasing performance in the workplace
  • Teamwork style profiling
  • Communication skills
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Managing stressed employees

Active Listening Training Case Study

Manchester Street Pastors run a large team of volunteers who go out on the streets of Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Bury and Stockport to support people in need on Friday and Saturday evenings. They frequently deal with people who are stressed, lost, confused or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The volunteers are both practicing and retired professionals and people from all different walks of life. What they share in common is the desire to help others.

The coordinator of the programme got in touch with Peacebuilders to see if I could offer raining around listening skills for the volunteers. I put together a tailored programme, initially delivered in a 2 hour session. The participants gave such positive feedback that they decided to extend the slot to a half day session, incorporating some further training around stereotypes and diversity.

Several years on, this training has evolved and is now delivered twice a year in the Manchester area. The feedback is always excellent.


Mediation Training

I am qualified to train mediators and offer mediation consultancy and training for larger companies and organisations that want to establish their own internal mediation service. On-going supervision of mediators can also be provided.

Please contact me for details of this support package.

Mediation Training Case Study

Public Sector: Setting up an Internal Mediation Service

The Head of Department at a large public sector body contacted Peacebuilders because he wanted to explore how mediation training could help.

He was was dealing with an increasing number of conflicts that were leading staff absence due to illness and stress and retention issues. Both him and his team were finding themselves informally ‘mediating’ between colleagues. While the Head of Department had received formal mediation training, none of his team had and they were “making it up as they went along”. There were also an increasing number of formal complaints and he was keen to deal with disputes at an earlier stage.

Through telephone conversations and a face to face meeting we established the needs of the organisation. We agreed that training up existing staff and setting up an internal mediation service would be the best way forward. I put together a package of training and support for this and it was rolled out over the next year.

The feedback eighteen months later was that the service was being well used and they were keen to recruit a second round of mediators to increase capacity.

If you’re wondering whether Mediation Training is something that your organisation would benefit from contact me here for an informal discussion.


Training for Schools

I have worked with schools to set up whole school peer mediation schemes and was lead author for the Primary Playground Buddies Toolkit, a resource for primary schools.