What the best football teams can teach us

Our household is alive with World Cup fever. I have to admit that I love a bit of football and enjoy watching the game. As a teenager I was a keen Aston Villa fan. I even had a season ticket for a couple of years…

Why you need to be a bit selfish sometimes

As well as running my own business, I am a mother of two young children, a wife, daughter, sister, friend. I have an allotment to tend, a lodger who I cook for half the week and I am part of a spiritual community. It is…

National Anti-Bullying Week

As National Anti-Bullying Week approaches from 13th-17th November I am highlighting the value of playground buddies in schools to support the creation of a culture of kindness, empathy and cooperation. Read more about it here: Press release – Nip playground conflict in the bud this…

Some thoughts on bullying in Anti-Bullying week

It’s national anti-bullying week this week and I’ve been reflecting on how badly bullying can affect children if it is not stopped, not just when they’re children but well into adulthood.  Despite having a bad squint as a child, I was fortunate enough to avoid…

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